Tender: Pierre Louis Costes

Jóvenes Amigos del Museo te invitan a la Premiere del documental – Tender - Pierre Louis Costes, un film de Movement Magazine. La premiere es parte del Surf Film Series del MAPR.

Nov 17
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Pierre-Louis is one of the most influential bodyboarders of all time.  Not only because he won two world titles (2011 and 2016) - he could've easily won many more - but also because of what he represents to 20th-century bodyboarding.  The affable Frenchman is one of the most popular riders among Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials, which results in a broad legion of fans, followers, and admirers.  Costes seems to have always balanced well his emotional and rational sides while in and out of the water. 

He is also one of the few bodyboarders to have signed a long-term sponsorship deal with Rip Curl, a company traditionally associated with surfing.  Pierre-Louis also has a signature move. His enormous backflip stunts are deeply appreciated and always seem to emerge when they're really needed.  But what drives Costes to success is his love of the sport.  "It's no secret. There's not much money involved in our sport. We mostly do it by passion because you won't become rich," notes Costes.  "I go to the ocean every day.I didn't discover bodyboarding because of the internet or because I've seen it in a magazine. I discovered it because I've seen these people on the beach." 

Directed by Gustavo Imigrante, the film features himself, but also some of his friends and opponents Amaury Lavernhe, Nick Gornall, Tanner McDaniel, Mike Stewart, Ben Player, Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester, Jared Houston and many more.  In 52 minutes, Costes shares his thoughts on the ten waves that made him the bodyboarder and person he is today.

Presented by Movement Magazine.

  • Habrá un coctel de 5:30-7:00pm patrocinado por Corona. 
  • La primera cerveza es gratis con su donativo. 
  • El showing del documental es a las 7:00pm.

Pierre Louis Costes (2011 and 2016 APB Tour Champion) y Jared Houston (2015 & 2018 APB World Tour champion) estaran presentes para la Premiere.


Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico


Teatro Raúl Juliá - Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Venue Time:

Coctel: 5:30PM
Showing: 7:00PM


El evento es a beneficio del MAPR.